15 Actionable Tips to Increase Instagram Followers Organically

image showing Instagram followers notification, instagram likes and comments
Image shows a mobile phone with Instagram followers notification, Instagram likes and comments notification.

Everyone wants to gain more Instagram followers but not many people know how to achieve that. I’m no expert too. But through my personal experience, I want to share some insights on how my account grew to 1000+ Instagram followers organically in just 24 days.

I followed some popular Instagram marketers, and all of them had some tips to share with their followers about how people can increase Instagram followers.

I read them all and decided to make my own list of top tips for Instagram followers growth, I followed them every day and that helped me achieve my first 1K followers.

If you want to know how to get more followers on Instagram, follow the 15 Actionable tips that I have mentioned below.

1. Choose a Niche

If you are going to create an Instagram, you first have to niche down to a specific topic. Jot down topics of your interest and see which topic are you the most passionate about and also how much knowledge you have on that subject. Your passion plus knowledge plus the profitability of that particular niche is equal to your perfect niche.

2. Create a rock-solid content strategy

Everyone knows that content is king. Before you begin your Instagram journey, you need a rock-solid content strategy that you firmly believe in. From my personal experience, I would suggest anyone who is reading this, plan at least a week’s content in advance. By doing so, you will not have to spend too much time thinking about content ideas and what to post next. It will save you a lot of time and will also help you in being able to post consistently.

3. Aim at providing valuable content

People will follow only if they find anything valuable on your profile. So your aim should be at providing value with your content. Focus on providing valuable content and you will automatically start getting more Instagram followers on your account.

4. Create shareable content

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Make your content shareable. Provide such value with your content that people automatically want to share it with their audience. More shares equal to higher reach. Simple equation.

5. Post at the right times

You want your content to be seen by your audience. Hence you must post at times when your audience is the most active. You can use Instagram Insights to track at what days and what time of the day your audience is the most active. Once you have identified the time of the day, you can schedule your posts for that time of the day to reach your Instagram followers.

6. Research your target audience thoroughly

You have to research your target audience thoroughly if you wish to reach the right set of people. You want your Instagram followers to be interested in your content, then you must research your audience and get to know them.

7. Work on your captions

Your captions can play a huge role in how your content performs. Write interesting and engaging captions supplemented by your graphics. There are many ways of writing a caption. If you are creating a carousel post, then you will already be giving a lot of information through your content, in that case, you must write a short caption. However, if you post a single image, then you can write long captions for your posts.

8. Use the right hashtags

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Hashtags have great reach. Using the right set of hashtags can really help you boost your reach. There are many online tools available for hashtag research that can tell you the related hashtags and the number of times the hashtags are used. If you are a beginner or have followers less than 2K, then you must use medium to low competition hashtags as it will be relatively easier to rank on these hashtags.

9. Connect with big accounts in your niche

Connect with bigger accounts in your niche. Turn on notifications for their posts so that whenever they post anything new, you will get notified. Go on their posts and engage with them by liking their posts and leaving meaningful and relevant comments on their posts. Engage with the people who comment on their posts.

10. Engage, engage and engage!

While content is the king, engagement is the queen of the game. And everyone knows that women rule. Engage a lot. Follow similar accounts in your niche. Make a list of the top 10 accounts in your niche and another list of 20 accounts that have a similar number of followers as you do. Turn on post notifications for these accounts and whenever these people post something new, go to their posts and leave a meaningful comment on their posts.

11. Respond to all DMs and comments

Show your audience that you care about them by replying to their comments and DMs. One way of engaging with your Instagram followers is to drop a welcome message in their DM whenever a new person follows you. You can make them feel connected and a part of your community by replying to their comments, you may ask them a question relevant to their comment on your posts.

12. Be consistent

Consistency is the key. Be consistent in your approach and no one can stop your account from growing. Create a content strategy in advance and stick to it. Post at least twice daily when you are starting out. If you are posting consistently on Instagram, then people will begin to trust you more and your Instagram followers will increase as a result.

13. Use Instagram stories regularly

Did you know that 500 million Instagram users daily are active on Instagram stories. They engage more in stories than posts. The reason is pretty simple. Stories are short, crisp, casual, and engaging. This is why you must integrate Instagram stories in your content strategy. Try to post at least 5-6 stories daily. Keep them informal and raw. Let people see your personality in your stories.

14. Use tagging and geolocation

You can tag people in your posts from your niche. You must use geolocation on your posts. So when someone is searching for a location, your post has a high chance of appearing in those searches. This is also a great way to get Instagram followers in your targeted location.

15. Focus on community building

Finally, don’t run after these vanity metrics like the number of Instagram followers or the number of likes on your posts. See the bigger picture. Focus on building a tightly-knit community that engages with your posts rather than just gathering a bunch of Instagram followers who do not engage.

Now here are a few don’ts if you wish to grow your Instagram followers.

1. Never buy Instagram followers.

Buying followers will not help you in any way as these followers are mostly bot accounts. They will never engage on your posts and this will ultimately lower the engagement rate of your Instagram profile. If you have a low engagement rate, Instagram will show your account to lesser people. Hence, your organic reach will fall down.

2. Never ignore the power of engagement

Quality content and consistent posting are important but you cannot expect results without engagements. So never ignore the power of engagements.

3. Never copy someone else’s content

Be original. Do not copy another creator’s content. Choose your own unique style and keep innovating with your timeline’s theme until you find that one theme that suits your profile.

4. Don’t be a comment spammer

While engagement is important for the algorithm, don’t go crazy and don’t become a spammer. Quality engagement is important for real follower growth and to form meaningful connections. Try to leave meaningful and relevant comments on other people’s content. Don’t just go and comment on things like “great post”, “nice post”, “awesome”, or just a couple of emoticons.

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These were my best tips to grow more followers on Instagram. If you have any more tips to grow Instagram followers, let me know in the comments section below.

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